Grundfos Compact-E System


Grundfos Compact-E System is designed with two numbers of Grundfos horizontal centrifugal multistage pumps operating in parallel via Grundfos R-series variable speed drive installed at the panel. The constant pressure boosting system is able to supply water to household, dwellings, office buildings, hotels, hospitals, departmental stores and manufacturing plants.

Features and Benefits

  • Simple operation and compact in design
  • Constant pressure
  • User friendly with adjustable pressure setting
  • “Lead lag” and “timer change over” feature built in the Compact-E controller
  • Automatic changeover during failure of operating pump.
  • High quality components
  • Motor protection built into Variable Speed Drive

Standard protections

  • Earth leakage protection at mains.
  • Over current for individual Variable Speed Drive and motor
  • Built in protection in Variable Speed Drive

1.Over current
2.Over voltage
3.Motor over load
4.Under voltage during operation
5.Grounding fault
6.Inverter overload
7.High pressure limit

Automatic Pump, Domestic Water Supply, Effluent /Discharge, Wastewater

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