Grundfos Compact-R


Grundfos Compact-R variable speed systemis designed with two Grundfos vertical multistage centrifugal pumps operating in parallel via Grundfos R-series variablespeed drives installed at the control panel.


  • Pressure boosting system for residential, public restroom, multi-storey buildings & other institutions.
  • Irrigation of green field, golf courses, parks, agricultural plantations, etc.
  • Water supply systems for the food industry.
  • Systems for petrochemical, metal industries & pharmaceutical.

Benefits of Compact-R

  • Variable speed system
  • Constant pressure
  • Compact system enable smaller pump rooms and space for system installation. Less maintenance on the Pneumatic tank.
  • Less operating noise
  • User friendly with adjustable pressure setting
  • Lead lag and timer change over feature built in Compact-R controller
  • Automatically changeover during failure of pump
  • Built in protection in Variable speed drive to protect against:

-Over current – Over voltage
-Motor overload – Ground fault
-Under voltage during operation
-High pressure limit

Package Booster System, Pressure Boosting & Liquid Transfer

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