Grundfos LF End Suction Centrifugal Pumps


Advanced pump technology-PACO end suction pumps

Culminating more than 90 years of commitment to advanced pump technology-PACO end suction pumps serve asindustry standards in performance and reliability. These premium efficiency pumps reduce energy cost while providinghigher flow per pump discharge size. They are available with double volute design providing longer life andreduced maintenance cost. Low operating costs are ensured even during off design operating conditions. PACO’s type LF is available in both horizontal and vertically mounted configurations.

Pump Model: LF

Cooling & Air- Conditioning Systems, Fire Fighting, Heating & Hot Water Services, Intake, Pressure Boosting & Liquid Transfer, Pump, Sprinkler/Hosereel/Wetriser, Treatment, Water Supply / Services

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