Grundfos Multi-R variable speed system


Grundfos Multi-R variable speed system is designed to operate in parallel with two to four Grundfos vertical multistage centrifugal pumps CR as standard via Grundfos R-series variable speed drives installed at the control panel.

* Optional
Optional operation with other Grundfos pumps is applicable. Please refer to Grundfos for further inquiry


  • Pressure boosting system for residential, public restroom, multi-storey buildings & other institutions
  • Irrigation of green field, golf courses, parks, agricultural plantations, etc
  • Water supply systems for the food industry
  • Systems for petrochemical, metal industries & pharmaceutical

Benefits of Multi-R
1. Variable Speed

  • Constant pressure enables comfort water usage
  • Eliminate water hammering that damages equipment installed at the pipeline
  • Less operating noise

2. Compact and lighter

  • System with smaller tank can be installed at smaller place
  • Easy for installation and logistic

3. Built in protection in Variable Speed Drive (VSD)

  • The VSD is equipped with protection against Over current, Over Voltage, Motor Overload, Under Voltage during operation, Ground fault, Sensor fault, low flow and High pressure limit as standard without additional components

4. User friendly

  • Setting and adjustment of pressure is much easier by just pressing up or down
  • Pressure display is applicable at the panel keypad
  • Lead lag and timer change over feature built in Multi-R controller

5. Solutions

  • Competitive price for a simple full variable speed system
  • Complete booster pump package from pump manufacturer

Effluent /Discharge, Package Booster System, Pressure Boosting & Liquid Transfer, Wastewater

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