Summer Solar Hot Water System


Solar Hot Water System was developed from a focused effort to save electricity & Gas

Sleek. Strong. Steaming Water. SUMMER.

Everything you need in one solar hot water system is in SUMMER. Designed for all year round, maintenance-free water heating. Zero moving parts. Out-of-sight out-of-mind, nothing to switch off or turn on, just let it heat your water and enjoy.

State of the Art Performance Focused Design

Over the years, our investment in R&D has resulted in better efficiency and reliability of SUMMER Hot Water Systems. We have tested and been tested by the most rigorous testing bodies for the best results in solar water heating and quality. And we are ALWAYS improving.

Out-Of-The-Box On-To-Your-Roof

Every step counts. That is why we have planned it all. From the panels and storage tanks to the pipes, we make them all, we check them all and we pack them all right here in our factory in Malaysia. Makes installation a breeze.


Water Heater & Filter

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