Wave – SB Series Swimming Pool Pump


Spa And Swimming Pool Pumps

Wave SB Series Centrifugal Pump is engineered to deliver optimum performance to both high and medium head installations in large-sized swimming pool and commercial spas. This high flow pump is designed to exceed customers’ requirements.


  • Corrosion protected shell to prevent water from directly contacting with motor.
  • Easy to assemble pump basket.
  • Pump basket size allows twice as much normal dirt load before cleaning.
  • High performance to ensure maximum turnover rate of water.
  • Improved suction characteristic to ensure maximum efficiency from automatic sweeper.
  • Lid designed to eliminate suction leaks and to allow positive checking of lid seal under load.
  • IP55 waterproof standard
  • CE Europe standard
  • Designed for easy maintainance and repairs.
  • Overload protector
  • 1 year warranty

Domestic Water Supply, Self-priming Pump

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