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Aquabiome is designed for ponds and water gardens. It provides mechanical and biological filtration in a single housing. Its ability to support dense populations of nitrifying bacteria and its reliability and easy maintenance, makes Aquabiome especially suitable for high density recirculation systems.



A Multiport valve is provided as standard equipment with features such as Backwash, Rinse, Recirculate, and more.

Aquabiome Filters can be backwashed hydraulically using water from your pond. Simply turn the multiport valve handle to backwash and your filter is hydraulically cleaned with water from your pond.

Air assisted backwash
To assist with backwashing, an air blower is provided. Its purpose is to agitate the Biofilter media prior to backwashing. Air is forced upwards through the filter’s laterals to break up the entire media bed and loosens the sediment trapped by the Biofilter media.

The addition of an air blower reduces the amount of time and water required for backwashing and improves biological filtration capacity.

A Typical Pond System
Most conventional pond filter systems may comprise of the following:

  1. A suitable pre-filter. Either a chamber with baffle plates, or a vortex chamber.
  2. Aquabiome filter to provide mechanical and biological filtration.
  3. U.V. Sterilisation to sterilise and inhibit the growth of Algae and other undesired organic matter.
  4. Venturi or waterfall to provide aeration.
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