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Kinetico MACH Water Filters


Every Kinetico whole house filter is customized to your home’s unique water needs. The only fully Automatic and Non-Electric water filter in the world, Kinetico MACH Series Filters monitors your water usage with watch-like precision and optimises the backwashing process to provide you with cleaner water than any other automatic or manual system in the market, 24/7.



  • Non-Electric – Only Kinetico uses the kinetic energy of moving water to power its systems instead of electricity – thanks to Kinetico’s patented Turbine
  • 24/7 – Twin Tank Design system allows Kinetico to backwash without ever going oflfne for around-the-clock.
  • Metered Rinse – Kinetico‘s Adjustable Meter (upg to 8 disc selections) monitors the volume of water usage to accurately determine when to begin the cleaning process.
  • 10 Year Warranty – Tank, control valve and media are guaranteed up to 10 years giving you peace of mind.
  • Macrolite Media – One of a kind, developed in conjunction with 3M, can remove particles as small as Three Microns, easily flushes clean due to its composition and lasts a lifetime without replacement.
  • NSF Approved – Each tank is NSF Approved.
  • Countercurrent Backwash – True Bottom-up Backwashing resulting in a cleaner, more even and less wasteful Macrolite cleanse.


MACH 2060f (Macrolite) MACH 2100f (Macrolite)
Service Flow Rate
Optimal Media Flow Rate
17 x 8 x 46”
20 x 10 x 60”
Weight (Operating / Shipping)
300 / 120 lbs
450 / 190 lbs
Media Volume
0.40 ft3
0.7 ft3
Control Valve Min Pressure
15 psi
15 psi
Filter Micron Rating
3-5 microns
5 microns


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