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Digichem Plus+ Dosing Control System


DIGICHEM® Plus+ controller is the Ultimate Dosing Control System for Commercial Swimming Pools, automatically measure and precisely controls set levels of sanitiser (chlorine) and pH balance (acid) through feedback from inline sensors.

Incorporating a plethora of features as standard, including data logging and a user-friendly menu system among others, ensures you are up and running in no time.



DIGICHEM® Plus+ constantly monitors and doses the pool with the appropriate chemicals to keep it at a healthy level.

Key Features:

  • ORP Control of Chlorine
  • pH monitoring and/or control
  • Data logging of approx 17 variables including Conductivity, Temperature, pH, ORP
  • Easy to program and calibrate
  • 4 line backlit LCD simultaneously displays Conductivity, ORP, pH, Temp & set points, as well as output status
  • Manual priming & testing via menu
  • Automatic Slug Dose Feature
  • 28 day timer
  • Fail-safe alarm relays with remote power failure detection
  • Integrated flow switch can be configured to disable different combinations of outputs on no-flow
  • Disinfection feature to temporarily run ORP at higher mV level (Superchlorination)
  • Logging of Make-up Water Consumption, Bleed (Backwash) Water Usage (with optional water meters connected to the controller)
  • Weatherproof – can be mounted outside


DIGICHEM® Plus+ can be monitored and controlled remotely installing the optional GPRS modem module (it also requires a SIM card). Simply log on at and it is like you are standing in front of the unit.

  • Remote Access via secure website – No software installation or upgrades required. No telephone line required
  • View logged data from any Internet connection
  • View or change controller settings from any Internet connection
  • Complete data history stored on secure web server
  • Alarms & events sent via SMS and/or e-mail
  • Different alarms can be sent to up to 8 different people
  • Alarm notification when connection lost (e.g. power failure)
  • Summary view of all controllers on one screen
  • Comparison of data trends with customisable graph overlay feature
  • Selectable full-scale plots or Min-Max only
  • Problems quickly identified with graph zoom feature
  • Multiple Access levels, i.e. from View Only to Full Access


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