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Grundfos Chlorine Gas


Effective even against biofilms


In the past few years, the demand for Grundfos Oxiperm® chlorine dioxide generators has increased dramatically. On the one hand, this is because chlorine dioxide is an extremely long-lasting and effective disinfectant:

  • Even relatively small quantities of chlorine dioxide display high disinfecting properties against all critical and chlorine-resistant germs, almost regardless of the pH value.
  • Chlorine dioxide can be used to successfully reduce the formation of biofilms in water pipes. This removes the life source for harmful germs such as legionella, which has a significant impact on the durability of the disinfection.

On the other hand, our Oxiperm® chlorine dioxide generators are outstandingly easy to use. Other important factors include:

  • The effective interplay of precise dosing technology, an ideal mixture of components, quick chemical reactions with maximum conversion rates
  • Outstandingly reliable and effective disinfection, which saves time and operating costs

The compact Oxiperm® Pro OCD-162 has been developed for applications in building services. This disinfection system is specifically designed for fighting Legionella in drinking water installations.



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