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Grundfos MAGNA – instantly adaptable


Intelligent speed-controlled pumps for heating systems


Grundfos MAGNA
Sensitive adaptation to heating requirements results in significant savings

The concept of electronic speed control – innovated The Grundfos MAGNA is the new speed controlled pump for heating systems requiring a medium-sized circulator within the Series 2000 family. Like all the pumps in this series, it automatically adapts to the hydraulic system into which it is installed. Any changes in the heating requirement (e.g. valves opening and closing) will cause the pump to instantly regulate the flow according to the need. Therefore it will always operate at maximum efficiency. Grundfos MAGNA circulators have taken the concept of speed control and selfregulation a step further – by introducing an Auto Mode function.

Automatically adjusts settings
With the integration of the Auto Mode function, the circulator automatically changes its settings to find the optimum curve in accordance with the principles of proportional pressure. This ensures very sensitive operational control – closer than ever to ‘text book’ system characteristics.

The magnetic motor
The Grundfos MAGNA circulator pump is a revolution in motor technology. The rotor is based on permanent magnet technology – the first to be used in glandless circulators. Because of this significant energy savings can be achieved. Additionally it increases efficiency by about 30 per cent in comparison to previous generation pumps, with in-built regulation.

Energy savings of 60 per cent … and more
The permanent magnet technology saves up to 60 per cent of the energy compared to a constant-speed pump, measured over a whole year of operation. The advanced Auto Mode function makes the pump even more efficient and if you use the Night Setback function the savings will be even greater.



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